WOCA Short Course

For the WOCA 2017 short course, there will be two tracks. The first track will be covering the beneficial reuse of coal combustion products. Topics will include: an introduction to utilization of coal ash, coal ash in cement and concrete materials, beneficiatio of coal ash into high quality pozzolans and other materials. The first track will also cover the full gamut of flue gas desulfurization products, including wet and dry scrubbers, fluidized bed materials, spent bed materials, etc.

The second track will be covering the management and closure of ponds, a very important topic in ash management. Topics will include: an introduction to ponds and pond management, lessons from previous spills, groundwater monitoring, etc. The second track will also include an overview of the current status of regulations, as well as some of the legal aspects of the regulations.

Finally, we'll close out the workshop with two international speakers that will cover a global perspective of the bright future of ash as a commodity in a carbon constricted world.

Detailed topics and list of instructors will be made available at a later date. To register, go to the WOCA registration page.

It will likely be similar to the WOCA 2015 Short Course, if you wish to review that information in anticipation of the 2017 SC.