WOCA Organizers

The WOCA organizers are groups contributing staff time to plan, host, manage, implement or otherwise commit resources to this meeting.

The American Coal Ash Association (ACAA) is the leading industry voice for issues pertaining to beneficial use of coal combustion products (CCPs). Members include producers, marketers, end-users, researchers and others who support the management and use of CCPs in ways that are technically sound, commercially competitive and environmentally safe. ACAA develops and distributes information on CCP use, supports government and private research, sponsors educational outreach through workshops and meetings and participates in the publication of technical guidance and standards on CCP usage.

The University of Kentucky's Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) is an internationally-known leader in coal combustion by-products research. Its Environmental and Coal Technologies Group investigates all aspects of coal combustion by-products utilization. It generates information for the transfer of ideas to benefit the innovative utilization, handling, storage and disposal of CCBs. In addition, the group conducts research into the development of low energy, low CO2-emitting construction materials from CCBs, high performance pozzolanic cement additives and geopolymers. Mercury-related research is also carried out in this group.