What's WOCA?

Highly successful and widely acclaimed, the sixth World of Coal Ash (WOCA) Conference was held in 2015. WOCA is a joint meeting combining separate symposia previously held by the American Coal Ash Association and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research. WOCA also incorporates 'satellite' meetings sponsored by government and private organizations as well as an educational short courses.

WOCA 2017 hopes to improve 2015's nearly 900 participants and 70+ vendors by offering both industry new-comers and veterans alike a wide variety of CCB/CCP related topics guaranteed to enhance career and job related requirements. Presentations will encompass not only the utilization of coal ash and flue gas desulfurization materials, but will cover sustainable projects using CCPs, emerging technologies, general ash management (including disposal), mercury related topics, recent research and specific case studies, international activities and regulatory topics from the local, state and federal perspectives.

This web site should answer most questions you have regarding WOCA. If we can answer any specific questions, please feel free to contact us.